The Tree Ring

New Album September 16th


We are excited to announce our release show for Ten Rivers at The Irenic on Wednesday September 17th. This will be a seated show and we'll be joined by our friends My Name Is You.

This show will most likely be our final live performance, as our growing individual music careers have made it increasingly difficult to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Since the band has always been a project that we enjoy only in our spare time, our live shows have naturally become less and less frequent, so we wanted to put on one more proper show with seats, a sound system, and full instrumentation.

Thanks to our little circle of people in San Diego and beyond, The Tree Ring has always felt less like a band and more like a community centered around working on creative projects and enjoying the outdoors. It's been an absolute honor and treat to have had so many great people support and contribute to our music by volunteering talents, attending shows, writing articles, making videos, sharing our music with friends, sending us nice notes, and so on. Thank you for making our music a restful and fulfilling home to return to.

The future is up in the air, but we hope that there will be more songs and little living room shows whenever we find ourselves together. For now, we're excited to send you with another album to accompany your adventures, and we'd love to see you at this last hurrah in San Diego. Tickets can be found here, and we highly recommend reserving them early if you're planning on attending.

- Joel, Kelly, Darla, Jon, Daniel, Doug, Travis, Erica, Chris, and the rest of the Tree Ring family